On Barley Hill.

Horror in the North

When Emily's grandmother dies she assumes she can make a new start, but she has to go back to her grandmother's house, a place of ghosts and danger, past and present. Emily discovers both she and the house are being stalked by Jack, lonely and haunted and downright creepy. As Jack makes a model of the house and plots to ensnare Emily, the threatened hillside on which he has lived all his life begins to fight back, and the landscape itself begins to change the future of those who live on it.

On Barley Hill is my current project, a supernatural horror novel which was written alongside the research for my PhD. Like Checkmate, it's set in the North East of England and comes a little closer to home, sometimes too close.

On Barley Hill will be illustrated, I'm working on that right now.

Here are some of the most recent photos, many thanks to Jenny, Tim, Freya, Gavin, Milly, Isaac, Charlotte and Will. There are more pictures on my blog: